Inspiration at the House of Commons

Inspiration at the House of Commons

Posted on 09Nov

Inspiration at the House of Commons

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No, this was not politicians debating the crisis in Yemen. It was the first Yemeni Youth conference to be run at the House of Commons raising awareness of the underachievement of Yemeni Youth in mainstream education in the UK and my first opportunity to organise such an event.

The event was also an opportunity to promote the numerous initiatives that are being introduced into the Yemeni communities to help address some of the challenges faced by a community that was one of the first to settle in the UK over 150 years ago, yet have struggled to progress at the same rate of other minority groups. Initiatives such as champion, role model and mentorship programmes, capitalising on the many Yemeni Professionals who have succeeded despite the adversity that has plagued this community for decades and who want to give something back to help raise aspirations and make a difference to those less fortunate than themselves.

There were over 120 Yemenis at the event, which was made up of Yemeni youth, community leaders, parents, role models, mentors, champions, the Yemeni Ambassador and the Rt Hon. Keith Vaz who presented the outstanding achievement awards, which went to Yemeni Youth who had achieved above and beyond expectations.

The role models talked about how they got to where they are now, the challenges that they experienced along the way and how they overcame those challenges. It was truly inspiring to hear from so many Yemenis who wanted to give something back and to see Yemeni from across the UK who came along to be part of such a historic event.

The next steps are to arrange for the champions, role models and mentors to work with Yemeni youth, the different Yemeni communities associations, schools and parents to help raise the attainment levels and help Yemeni youth reach their full potential

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