Ambassador Programme

A Diversity Ambassador Programme is a proven way to build robust and sustainable links with community champions, managers of profession minority bodies and managers of minority organisations to help achieve your strategic goals.

By influencing these champions to act as ‘ambassadors’ on behalf of your organisation, you can create direct links with marginalised communities and promote career opportunities, products and services through trusted sources. The programme can help you:
  • Make real gains in recruitment from ethnic minority and disability populations and other diversity strands
  • Strengthen the perceptions of your employer brand
  • Act as a starting point for social marketing interventions, such as health awareness or safety messages
  • Increase external awareness of the services and products you have to offer
  • A think tank for suggestions
  • Develop a proactive group to consult with

At the same time, it can help establish a valuable ongoing dialogue between your organisation and the communities you are trying to reach.


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