Authenticate is a tested and proven audit tool that’s adaptable for any size of organisation. The audit uses a strong scientific methodology and will help you understand where you are, where you need to be, and how you will get there.

The result? An authentic and objective overview of equality in your organisation. One that identifies areas of good practice at the same time as pinpointing immediate hotspots or areas for concern, clearly identifying next steps for remedial action. Often an objective and external viewpoint can help to highlight areas of good practice that can otherwise go unnoticed.

This tool looks at everything from leadership and corporate diversity; equality and inclusion commitments; policy developments; internal and external communications; recruitment retention and progression and training and development.

Methods include documentary and policy research, investigations, workshops, interviews, intranet and extranet assessments and much more. Authenticate is tailored to your needs. We consult with you first to establish exactly what you need to know, and just how detailed you want your results to be.

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