Diversity Plus

Diversity Plus is your gateway into the wider community. Communicate directly with groups from all equality strands by harnessing the power of Diversity Marketplace’s unique database.

This database has been used by numerous organisations since its humble beginning as a tool designed to promote the amendment to the Race Relation Act 10 years ago.

Our research has proved that minority organisations play a crucial role in disseminating information to their communities. By working intelligently with these organisations it is possible to positively influence minority groups to respond to their calls for action.

Diversity Plus benefits include:
  • 6,500 contacts at national, regional and local support organisations, societies, professional bodies and community groups, including 2,000 email address
  • Access to organisations representing age, gender, disability, sexual orientation (LGBT), race, religion and belief
  • 600 University Minority, LGBT and Disability Societies
  • Direct contact with minority communities through organisations they trust
  • The opportunity to promote your organisation as an employer of choice amongst under-represented groups
  • Provide access to much more information
  • The most cost effective way to reach minority groups either locally or nationally

This is the only service in the UK that targets these wide ranging audiences – enabling you to communicate directly with grass root organisations and people who understand a community and its issues. Diversity Plus has many uses including:

  • Distributing Posters promoting vacancies
  • Bringing together people for community consultations
  • Attracting  people to recruitment events
  • Building community Ambassadors
  • Promoting messages about health interventions
  • Inviting people to focus groups
  • Inviting people to community events
  • Promoting products and services

You can hire the database by region and target specific audiences almost instantly. But we offer much more than database access. Diversity Plus has the option to become a total solution that includes a range of fulfilment options, including poster design, printing, accompanying letters and postage.

We’ll help you promote new initiatives, events, social marketing opportunities and community consultation.

How Diversity Plus works

Diversity Plus is unique because it consists of organisations that you would not find listed together in any other place. It is split into regions and rented out on a regional basis.

There are three ways of using Diversity Plus services
  1. By renting addresses of the organisations that reach your target market – With this method we will simply provide you with the address labels for the communities that you seek to target
  2. Using our email address service which allows you to send us your mailer and we will distribute it on your behalf.
  3. We also offer a full-service option which includes the design of the posters, hire of the database, letters to accompany the posters, fulfilment and postage or you can provide the poster/mailer and we will do the rest.

To find out more about how we can help please contact us.

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