Reach Out

Normal marketing channels can often have limited success when attempting to reach marginalised and minority groups. Sometimes these channels are too unwieldy to target narrowly. And often, traditional communications provoke high degrees of scepticism within their audiences. After all – this is about more than just delivering a message. It’s about winning hearts and minds, engaging with key influencers and gaining competitive advantage.

Reach Out is a toolkit of techniques and products that has been proven over many years to reach audiences from every diversity and equality strand. Whether external or internal to your organisation, Reach Out provides a culturally competent approach to identifying and communicating key messages creatively and powerfully. It’s a multi-channel service, covering non-traditional methods including:
  • online campaigns
  • email campaigns
  • community posters and flyers
  • booklets
  • events
  • social marketing.

All these methods are designed to develop trust and build personal relationships with hard-to reach groups and communities. They can be used in conjunction with more traditional marketing methods, integrated into existing campaigns or developed to stand alone.

Our Suite of Products

Reach Out

Diversity Online

Ambassador Programme

Diversity Plus

The Equality Suite



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