Nurturing a culture of Inclusion

Diversity Marketplace is here to demystify diversity and offer practical solutions. We’ll help you grow a thriving diversity culture and add value to your business.

Just like people, organisations are all different, and so our solutions can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances, challenges and goals. Think of your workforce as a garden – it needs nurturing and supporting if it’s to grow to its full potential. Using our unique range of products and services, you’ll be able to implement a diversity strategy to be proud of – one that really works.

You now have access to the latest information on the new Equality Act 2010. We’ve updated our products and services too, so you can be sure you comply with all new legislation – and create a transparent, inclusive and open work environment.

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Our Products

The complete Diversity toolkit

Take advantage of our experience and expertise and let Diversity Marketplace do the work for you. We have a suite of powerful products designed to help, support and inspire you at every stage of your diversity journey. Of course, there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf diversity and equality solution. All our products are flexible and can be adapted to suit your organisation’s size and needs.

Our Partners

At Diversity Marketplace we work in partnership with a number of organisations to share resources and ensure that our clients can maximise on the best possible knowledge, skills and experience that we can jointly offer.

Our chosen charity is The Hunger Project which empowers people in both developing and developed countries to build a just world where everybody can fulfil their potential and build lives of self-reliance and dignity. Find out more and help the cause.

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