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Diversity Marketplace is a specialist consultancy that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all your equality, diversity and inclusion requirements.

Specialising in employment we want to help you nurture and grow a healthy diversity strategy which takes your organisation through the employment cycle, whilst moving you from policy to practice. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how good your strategies and policies may look on paper, you’ll only see the real business and social benefits of embracing diversity once you put them into practice. All of our products and services are designed to move you towards achieving your vision.

We have a range of services designed to move you towards achieving your vision, including Diversity Online, Diversity Insight, Diversity Plus, Diversity Ambassadors, Diversity Audit, Diversity Training and Diversity Marketing – everything you need from a true diversity partner.

Company Profile

Launched in 2005, Diversity Marketplace is now firmly established as a leader in Diversity best practice and marketing communications. We specialise in supporting organisations to help fulfil – and surpass – their diversity objectives.

We have a research-driven approach to developing solutions for public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Specific experience includes conducting 25 extensive research projects on the perceptions of minority groups over the last five years, many internal audits and training programmes, the creation of a wide range of marketing campaigns to engage with minority groups, and designing the unique Diversity Online service . Each of our innovations provides testimony to the fact that we are best placed to address the recruitment and retention needs of today’s organisations.

Staff Profile

Diversity Marketplace was founded by Gamiel Yafai. Gamiel has worked at the highest levels with many public and private sector organisations on Diversity And Inclusion Culture Change INITIATIVES.

Recipient of the Global Diversity Leadership Award presented by the Global HRD Congress and Author of ‘Demystifying Diversity’ and ‘Yemen Proud’, Gamiel has worked with some of the UK’s largest Employers to design and implement Diversity and Inclusion Culture Change strategies and action plans to both attract new talent from diverse backgrounds and to support existing talent reach their potential through focusing on Inclusivity.
Gamiel founded and headed up the Diversity Practices for two of the UK’s largest HR Resourcing Agencies (Barkers now Penna & Euro RSCG Riley now Havas) before setting up Diversity Marketplace. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of Diversity and Inclusive leadership and the impact of Unconscious Bias, within the employment cycle. Particularly the barriers faced when attempting to direct source or support diverse talent.
Diversity Marketplace was set up to support Recruitment Resourcing/Branding Agencies, and Direct Clients to achieve their Diversity an Inclusion objectives in terms of recruitment, attraction and retention. Diversity Marketplace has also conducted 32 research projects and developed many training programmes including the facilitation of the Civil Service’s Positive action Pathway (PAP) modules, Action Learning Sets and development days. At Diversity Marketplace we have also developed a range of products and services to meet the challenging needs of UK employers such as its Diversity Champions Programmes, Ambassadors Programmes and Diversity Online are run for employers throughout the UK.                                                                            Gamiel is also an Ambassador of the Hunger Project

He has also had a number of articles on diversity published in the various publications including People Management and The British Medical Journal.

Gamiel Yafai

Managing Director

Clients we have worked with

Our Partners

At Diversity Marketplace we work in partnership with a number of organisations to share resources and ensure that our client can maximise on the best possible knowledge, skills and experience that we can jointly offer.

Our chosen charity is The Hunger Project which empowers people in both developing and developed countries to build a just world where everybody can fulfil their potential and build lives of self-reliance and dignity. Find out more and help the cause.
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