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From consultancy and bespoke training to marketing and research, our suite of services covers everything your organisation needs to reap the benefits of a thriving, diverse and inclusive culture. Take a look at the services we offer in more detail here, and if you have any questions or need any more advice, feel free to contact us.

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Diversity Online

Diversity Marketplace has over the years designed and delivered a number of Diversity related websites on behalf of our clients. Using our vast experience and knowledge gained from client feedback we have designed Diversity Online, which has been developed to support organisations large and small adhere to the new Equality Act 2010 and go beyond.

Imagine your own diversity expert, available online, 24/7. Created by diversity specialists for everyone to use, Diversity Online equips your people with the skills, confidence and up-to-the-minute knowledge to ‘walk the talk’ of Diversity Best Practice: inspiring and empowering your team to perform better, whatever your size.

There are three versions of Diversity Online – All user, Partner and Customised. Click the link below for more information


We can help your organisation embrace diversity by providing your employees with first class training that helps them to understand why diversity is important to you as a business and how it links in to achieving your corporate objectives. Our training is less theoretical and more practical. We tailor our training to meet the specific needs of your organisation, providing you with flexible packages relevant for all levels – from customer facing staff to boards and senior management.

We ensure that delegates leave knowing what is expected of them as individuals and how they can support the diversity agenda of the organisation. Our trainers have experience in all areas of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Take a look at our leading training offering – the Equality Suite – to see how we can provide you with the training programme that best meets your needs.

Audits and Benchmarking

If you need a complete assessment of diversity in your organisation, an audit of your diversity activities, a simple equality health check or even a thorough employee attitude assessment, Diversity Marketplace can help.

Why conduct an audit or assessment?

It’s the only way to gain a complete picture of diversity in your organisation. The process itself communicates to employees that your organisation is truly interested in their job satisfaction and creating an inclusive culture. Audits can also emphasise the differences in perception between different levels of employees. Managers are often amazed to find that their employees feel uninvolved in decision-making, and cynical about the fairness of promotion decisions. Often, audits highlight strengths in employees that you may not have been previously aware of, as well as helping you understand how compliant you are with legislation, such as the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 or the Equality Act 2010.


We’re proud to have conducted extensive research throughout the UK for both public and private sector organisations to ascertain how people from the different diversity strands would prefer to be communicated with for recruitment purposes.

Our detailed research has indicated that individuals from minority backgrounds utilised the services of community organisations frequently, not only for general advice and information but also to find out about employment opportunities. It is therefore possible for organisations to recruit a more diverse workforce and to help grow the employer brand through working in partnership with relevant community organisations.

Thanks to our excellent relations with organisations such as the Equality Councils, we have developed a database of minority organisations that allow us to circulate and pre-test example posters and other relevant literature to target a very captive audience.

Projects that have involved a great deal of community engagement include;

  • Promoting health interventions
  • Recruitment events for executive members and boards
  • General recruitment events
  • Consultations exercises
  • Building community Ambassadors
  • Research

We believe it is vital for each and every organisation to have a community or service user, or customer buy-in, to achieve diversity objectives. We have the experience and expertise to support and enable you to achieve this.


Just how effective are your existing diversity policies, programmes and campaigns? What knowledge, attitudes and behaviours are really prevalent in your workforce or customer base? Do your recruitment, retention and inclusion activities meet the needs of present and prospective minority staff groups?

Diversity Marketplace offers detailed research programmes that can shed light on these and many other questions. Our research is inclusive and participatory, so that the voices of those often ignored in practice, policy and research can be heard and listened to. We’ll provide you with the research you need to make positive, evidence-based decisions and develop better-targeted policies, programmes, campaigns and policies.

We’ve extensive research experience across the UK around diversity themes. Our researchers are highly skilled and have immense expertise, gained through working on research projects for many public and private sector organisations. Our Diversity Insight tool is specially designed to give you an insight into how you are perceived as an employer externally, and how your own employees feel about working for you.


Just how hard to reach are those so-called ‘hard to reach’ audiences? Diversity Marketplace has a wealth of experience in communicating effective recruitment messages to all minority groups.

Just like different plants, different audiences respond to different messages and channels. Thanks to detailed research and our considerable experience, we have the expertise to identify key influencers and communicate the right messages in the right way to the right people. We can help you develop compelling and culturally sensitive messaging – and make sure it reaches the people you want to speak to.

We’re experts in employer branding too. We can help you involve your employees at all levels in the development of your brand so that it accurately reflects both the realities and aspirations of your business and its workforce.


To be successful in the UK and internationally, organisations need to demonstrate cultural sensitivity, inclusiveness and awareness. But there have been some radical changes in equality laws over the last few years. Where do you stand? In which direction should you be headed? Are you missing any valuable opportunities?

Fortunately our consultancy services can help you to understand and improve your equality and diversity outcomes across all diversity strands, whatever business you’re in. Our knowledge and experience can help you develop solution-driven collaboration and reap the rewards of a diverse organisation. We’ll help you align your diversity strategy with business objectives to encourage a motivated, productive workforce, allowing you to engage effectively with the community and strengthen your brand.

We can:

  • Develop diversity strategies, single equality schemes and support with the development of other equality policies
  • Provide strategic advice and support on mainstreaming equality and diversity
  • Work with executive and middle managers, ensuring they have full ownership of solutions
  • Look at who is receiving and delivering services; where potential markets are; and how services, products and facilities are best delivered to diverse customers
  • Identify the barriers that stop different communities from doing business or working with you

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